Rosehosting Review by Hosting Experts 2019

Rosehosting Review by Hosting Experts 2019

Rosehosting Review by Hosting Experts 2019 | If you look at the world of hosting closely, you will find that most hosting reviews and providers spend a lot of money on marketing but in return, do not provide quality hosting service.

RoseHosting is one of those sites that does not focus on marketing but provides quality hosting service. Apart from shared hosting, RoseHosting is best known for its VPS hosting service. It is one of the best VPS hosting services around.

This Rosehosting review will help you to decide whether Rosehosting is the right option for you or not.

RoseHosting Review: About RoseHosting: is a leading VPS hosting provider serving thousands of customers globally. He has been providing high-quality services to his customers since 2001, and it is really no wonder why they are able to stay in business for so long.

They strictly follow a no-overselling policy, offer a wide range of services and features, and they offer extremely simple hosting for those who are just getting into websites. Their prices are reasonable, and they offer top-notch technical support. So you can always rest assured that you are getting what you pay for an impressive, genuine and durable hosting deal at affordable rates.

In particular, Rosehosting is specialized in VPS hosting although the company now also offers both shared and dedicated hosting plans. They have some great features that other hosting companies do not offer at any cost. An example of this is the Solid State Drive (SSD) in many of their web servers used for shared hosting.

I researched the site quite a bit and found that nothing bad has been said about them, which is quite influential in the web hosting industry. Whether you want to set up a simple blog for your family or you want to host an established site that gets hundreds of thousands of visitors, Rosehosting can be an excellent option for you.

Many popular hosting companies such as GoDaddy and Hostgator look at overselling bandwidth and server space to ensure that you are getting an excellent deal. They never oversee bandwidth or server space, or any other resources needed for a website in Rose hosting.

What is RoseHosting:

Founded in 2001, RoseHosting is an American-based hosting company based in St. Louis Missouri, United States. It is a service of Rose Web Services LLC, where it also runs its own data center. All of its servers are located in its highly secure data center in St. Louis, Missouri. It is the first web hosting company in the world to offer Linux virtual servers. This is the claim of this company.

Features of RoseHosting:

Rosehosting focuses entirely on Linux-based hosting, which means that all web hosting solutions provided by this host come with Linux as the default OS, meaning their entire server and network spam bot, malware And is highly protected from any type of virus attacks. Some of the important features of Rosehosting are the following.

  • SSD Storage Space:

All their servers are equipped with SSD (Solid State Drive). With the SSD option, you will have 5 times more disk performance than a traditional host server with an HDD (hard disk drive).

SSDs make storage servers work and operate faster than their hard disk counterpart. Rosehosting uses an SSD storage system that makes it faster than most of its hosting competitors.

Therefore, you are advised to choose a hosting company that uses SSD storage system.

  • Free Weekly Backup:

All of RoseHosting’s shared hosting and VPS hosting plans come with the option of free weekly backup, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of disaster. Each backup overwrites the final one, so it’s a good idea that you can also set up your own automatic backups if a problem has been going on for more than a week.

Losing important information and relevant data in a second is one of the greatest feelings of any organization. Rosehosting has taken the necessary steps to ensure that this does not happen to you. They provide free weekly backup services for all their hosting plans.

Every weekly backup serves to replace the data from the previous backup. Every week after week the reinforcement replaces the information of the previous reinforcement and in addition, the backup helps to resolve any problems that may be available.

  • Free Website Migration:

Moving to your website has never been easier. Rosehosting makes the process of moving a website from a different host much easier for their new customers. They offer free website transfers. Rosehosting’s Linux specialized team will migrate all your files and data for free. Many hosts charge hefty fees for website migration.

Customers can move the DirectAdmin server, cPanel server, Webmin server, or locations on the server in a consistent, low-stretch manner with another account without a control board.

Once you open a new account on their hosting service, it will work to find out all the necessary information that is related to your previous host. When your website is moved to the Rosehosting server, you can continue to use your site as usual.

  • 100% Uptime and Reliability:

Rosehosting offers a 100% uptime guarantee, which is obviously quite impressive. Although the reality is that no host can actually offer a true 100% uptime, but Rosehosting is true for this purpose. They schedule it well in advance and promise to reboot the server only when absolutely necessary. If you catch a time when your site is down due to their hosting, you can collect a ticket to reimburse that time, although that is not going to happen for a very long time.

Rosehosting only reboot your physical server which greatly reduces the chances of the server being down, so you need to worry about your website downtime is. Never happened.

  • Billing and Payment Services:

Rosehosting accepts all major credit cards to receive payments. You can pay for daily hosting services using any major credit card. All their hosting plans renew automatically on the first day of the billing cycle whether it is for annual or monthly payment plans.

Accounts not paid within 7 days of the billing cycle will be suspended and accounts over 30 days will be permanently terminated. On the same note, accounts with more than a month overdue will be permanently terminated.

Any account that has been suspended will be charged a fee again when the account is reinstated. A re-deduction fee may be levied on the reinstatement of suspended accounts. All cancellations for billing arrangements via cPanel must be made before the start of the next billing cycle.

  • 24 × 7 Customer Support:

If you are facing any issues with your hosting account or website, you can easily get in touch with a highly specialist support team and discuss your specific issue. The Rosehosting Support Team is available 24 hours in 7 days a week via email, live chat, and phone call. Most of the emails and Phone calls are responded to within 5 minutes.

If you are planning to host your website, then shared hosting, Linux VPS hosting, dedicated server, custom SSD VPS server plan and many other hosting services are included. Linux server and you will be able to find the most suitable plan based on the needs of your website.

Rosehosting has a no-overselling policy, which means that they will not try to sell you additional storage, bandwidth, or other resources you don’t really need for your website.

Let us now have a quick overview of some hosting services offered by Rose hosting.

Rosehosting Pricing and Plans:

The cost can be a major factor when choosing a convenience supplier. It is worth noting that the better the service, the higher the price. Some suppliers who are high-cost will often think of better administration than their claimants. In any case, some significant losses in quality are not included, due to Rose hosting. Their offers are perhaps the most aggressive, with shared plans starting at just $ 4.95 each month.

Rosehosting offers a variety of hosting plans and configurations to meet client needs. These plans include Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting:

Shared Hosting Plans:

Anything that comes out of the RoseHosting Group is in full scope for facilitating plans using SSD, including fundamentally shared plans. This affects their servers to run faster than most different options outside of RoseHosting.

Rosehosting Review, Rosehosting login

Their shared hosting package starts at $ 4.95 per month. At this price range, you can host your site for less than $ 100 a year. Shared hosting comes with entry-level Tier 1 domain, 2GB SSD storage, 200GB data transfer, and 2 sub-domains.

When you move more to a shared hosting plan, more features are unlocked. All plans include free set-up, a spam blocker, unlimited parked domains, Cron jobs, and 30-day money-back guarantee. Prices per month vary from one plan to another.

Rosehosting has four shared hosting plans available, ranging from 200 GB to 2,000 GB maximum monthly data transfer and 2 GB to 30 GB SSD disk storage, a unique IP address, and mentioning the unnamed subdomain. Prices range from $ 4.95 per month to $ 19.95 per month with different features and inclusions between plans – see screenshots below for comparison.

Rosehosting Review, Rosehosting login

Many hosting companies write storage and bandwidth as unlimited, but it is never unlimited. Once you start using it, you start having problems and you realize that it is not only unlimited, it is very less.

So I really like that RoseHosting explicitly states storage and bandwidth data so that you get what you pay for. However, RoseHosting does not provide a free domain during the signup process.

They have four types of packages in shared hosting but their last SSD 1 VPS package is part of VPS hosting, so we will not discuss it here.

The following 3 packages are as follows:

SSD BASIC: It costs $ 7.15 / month. Some of the key features of this package include 1 domain, 2 sub-domains, 2 mailing lists, 4GB SSD storage space, 300GB data transfer, 50 E-mail accounts, 2 MySQL DBs, and reliable 24/7 customer support.

SSD BUSINESS: SSD Business is available at $ 13.45 / month. It has a coupon per year. Some of the main features of this package are 5 domains, 20 sub-domains, 10 GB SSD storage, 1000GB data transfer, it comes with features like 20 mailing lists, 20 MySQL DBs, Unlimited E-mail Accounts, and 24/7 customer support. is.

SSD ULTIMATE: The price of SSD Ultimate is $ 22.45 per month. It has a 1-year coupon. It includes features such as 20 domains, 20GB SSD storage space, 2000GB data transfer, unlimited sub-domains, own IP address, unlimited email accounts, unlimited mailing lists, unlimited MySQL DBs, unlimited FTP accounts and 24/7 customer care services.

VPS Hosting Plans:

RoseHosting’s VPS plan starts at $ 19.95 per month. With regard to the convenience of VPS, it is discovered that RoseHosting was the first organization to offer commercial virtual servers.

Rosehosting Review, Rosehosting login

Rosehosting’s VPS hosting comes with four available plans ranging from $ 19.95 to $ 79.95 per month. For many business owners, VPS hosting has a better balance between price and performance. This allows the user to customize the features as well as enjoy unlimited domains.

Reasonability actually becomes an integral factor when you consider everything that is involved with a VPS. It is basically an actual server for the end client, as this server has a root client.

It comes with 1GB RAM, 2TB data transfer, 30GB SSD storage, dual-core CPU and other features. Rich features include full root access, 24/7 support, 100% uptime guarantee, free DNS hosting, SSD powered and free dedicated IP address. VPS hosting allows the user to enjoy full control of the server as it is a standalone server.

Rosehosting review, Rosehosting login

Users receive two CPU cores with 1 GB of guaranteed memory and a 2,000 GB monthly file transfer limit. At the upper end of the scale, users receive 8 CPU cores, 8 GB of guaranteed memory and 150 GB of disk space. This hosting plan is ideal for large websites with many active users.

There are four different types of VPS hosting packages of Rosehosting which are as follows:

SSD 1 VPS: It costs $ 24.95 per month. It comes with features like unlimited websites/apps, 1 CPU Cores, 1 GB RAM, 2 TB data transfer, 30 GB SSD Storage, 1 dedicated IP address, FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL, full root access and free fully managed support.

SSD 2 VPS: It costs $ 49.95 a month. It comes with full root access, unlimited websites/apps, 2 CPU Cores, 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD storage, 4TB data transfer, a dedicated IP address, FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL and fully managed customer support.

SSD 4 VPS: It costs $ 74.95 per month. It also comes with unlimited websites/apps, 3 CPU Cores, 4 GB RAM, 6TB data transfer, 80 GB SSD Disk space, 1 dedicated IP address, FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL, full root access and free fully managed support.

SSD 8 VPS: It costs $ 99.95 a month. The plan comes with full root access, unlimited websites/apps, a dedicated IP address, 4 CPU Cores, 8 GB RAM, 8 TB data transfer, 120 GB SSD storage space, FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL and free fully managed support.

When you purchase a VPS hosting plan, you get cPanel or DirectAdmin as a gift from RoseHosting. All Rosehosting VPS hosting plans come with FREE Migration and FREE Weekly Backup.

Dedicated Server Plans:

A dedicated server is all the more rapid and highlights the rich rendering of a VPS. A committed server is an independent physical server. This is different from VPS, which is also a server, yet is run for all intents and purposes within a physical server.

Rosehosting review, Rosehosting login

This is a better version of VPS hosting. It is rich in features and has a standalone server. This hosting plan is ideal for large companies that need long term and permanent hosting solutions.

This type of scheme is best suited for those who search for the convenience of a site to be more volatile and longer answered.

Rosehosting’s dedicated server hosting starts at $299 a month. This price is higher than other hosting packages, but it has better performance, so every rupee is priced.

Starting at $299/month, some of the key features under this plan include Dual Xeon E3 cores, 500GB RAID5 storage, 2TB data transfer and 2GB of RAM. When you buy this plan, you get DirectAdmin or cPanel like its VPS hosting counterpart.

Rosehosting review, Rosehosting login

RoseHosting Offers four dedicated hosting plans. Which includes 24 GB RAM, 500 GB disk and 3,000 GB data per month in the plan of $269.10 per month. The $1079.10 per month plan includes hardware to include 96 GB of RAM, 2,000 GB of disk, and unmetered data transfers. If you purchase yearly plans.

The following are the main plans of dedicated server hosting:

1/4 SERVER: This plan costs $299 per month. The plan comes with the latest Generation Xeon, 14 CPU cores, 24GB RAM, 500GB SSD Disk Space, 3TB data transfer, free cPanel or DirectAdmin panel and fully managed support for free.

1/3 SERVER: This hosting plan comes at $ 399 / month. It comes with the latest generation Xeon, 1 IP address, 18 CPU cores, 32GB RAM, 667GB SSD Disk space, 6TB data transfer, free DirectAdmin or cPanel and fully 24/7 customer support for free.

1/2 SERVER: This plan is available at $ 599 per month. It comes with the latest generation Xeon, 28 CPU cores, 48GB RAM, 1000GB SSD storage, 10TB data transfer, 1 IP address, free DirectAdmin or cPanel and free full management 24/7 customer support.

FULL SERVER: You can get FULL SERVER for $ 1199 a month. It has the latest generation Xeon, 96GB RAM, 56 CPU cores, 2000GB SSD storage, unlimited data transfer, 1 IP address, free DirectAdmin or cPanel and fully 24/7 support in free.

My 3 years experience with Rose hosting:

This smooth administration is more promising than expectations, including under-promising and over-delivering.

As mentioned, I have personally been testing the shared plan of roosting for over 3 years, and in that time, I did not find many good and very bad. It has a negative audit, yet gives the idea that they are good, and not the standard experience that most customers are announcing.

Rosehosting is a great decision for most uses – in the event that you need an intelligently anticipated supplier with a skill for help and dependability, this convenient supplier will work well for you at the time.

They may not specifically fix issues identified with the central utility of your server, however, they can fix any issues with programming or configuration.

Pros of RoseHosting: What do I like about Rosehosting?

  • Stable prices:

Unlike some other hosting companies, RoseHosting does not increase the prices of its packages after the first period. The price you sign up with is the price you will pay as long as you are using their services.

  • Fast and reliable:

RoseHosting is a very good web host that maintains remarkable uptime and site speed. Nothing to scoff at. Its overall uptime record is 99.99%, while the maximum site response time has been 300 ms. Compared to other web hosts I’ve tracked, the site’s response time is quite remarkable.

  • Free Site Migration:

When you can let professionals do all the heavy lifting work, why stress it out? Rosehosting provides free web transfer for all first customers. All new users get a free site migration service when they switch to Rose Hosting. When you switch to Rosehosting, they will transfer your site from the host you were previously using for free.

  • RV Site Builder Pro:

All RoseHosting Shared hosting plans are bundled with RV Site Builder Pro. This helps a lot in saving time for newbies and people with minimal or little technical information. With its help, you can build a simple site even without the need of web development experience or programming skills.

Cons of Rosehosting: What do I dislike about Rosehosting?

  • Short Money Back Policy:

As attractive as the money-back guarantee is in the hosting industry, RoseHosting’s money-back policy is disappointing. Rosehosting’s policy gives its new customers only seven days to decide whether they want to use Rosehosting’s hosting services. Within seven days, a new customer can receive a full refund if they are not satisfied with their services.

Seven days is not enough time to know how a hosting company works and its services. The provision of service is important in the hosting industry and seven days is a short period.

  • Paying the extra money for cPanel:

Rosehosting does not make its cPanel an inclusive feature in its plans. On most of their hosting plans, the control room comes at a cost of $ 10 per month. CPanel is only available to users who are willing to pay extra. For a hosting company that has the best interests of its customers at its heart, providing an essential feature is a deal-breaker.

  • The server location at one Place only:

Rosehosting has its own server located in St. Louis. RoseHosting runs Its own data center in St. Louis, Missouri, United States and does not offer other options in terms of server space. If most users of your site are located outside of the United States, there is likely to be a latency issue.

RoseHosting Alternatives:

Other comparable hosting providers you should check out.

Companies offering to spend plans offer shared hosting: Digitalocean, A2Hosting, Bluehost.

Center of companies in VPS / premium facility system: SiteGround, Hostgator.

Summary: Rosehosting Review in 2019 still stands before the opposition by providing Linux virtual hosting facilities for customers.

When looking for great web hosting, it is one of the best companies. It uses cutting edge technology. Hosting stability and speed matters the most. And Rosehosting performed exceptionally well in that area. Therefore, I recommend daily hosting to organizations or individuals who are looking for a solid hosting solution with strict no-oversell rules.

Rosehosting is ahead of the hosting competition due to its Linux VPS hosting services. They have additional features that you can use to create a customized site that meets your hosting needs. In addition, they have pocket-friendly hosting plans that fit every hosting budget.

They also have good customer service with short response times and quick resolution of issues. Although they lack control rooms, their fee per month is affordable by most businesses. It also has other premium features such as free managed support, free backup, SSD storage and more.

Rosehosting is well established in the industry and has clearly worked hard to stay on the cutting edge with technology and service. Everything they offer is easy to use and is usually included with your base package. No matter what type of hosting you are doing, you should definitely consider Rosehosting hosts.


Rosehosting is the world’s first Linux virtual hosting provider, they have provided a reliable service. They offer enough pre-made packages to meet the needs of the customers. If that is not enough, they also provide custom packages for their VPS and dedicated plans, so you can definitely get all you are looking for.

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