Best Magento Hosting Providers for eCommerce Website

Best Magento Hosting Providers for eCommerce Website

Best Magento Hosting Services | If you find Best ecommerce web hosting sites or Cheap Magento Hosting so here you can get Best managed Magento Hosting Provider for eCommerce Website.

We are always researching for our customers. Recently people are asking, “What is the best company to host Magento store?” We wanted to reduce the burden of research for every company for you. Therefore, we have prepared a list of all the necessary information that you will need to know when selecting a Magento hosting provider.

This platform stands as one of the most popular e-commerce website hosting, in which all topics and plugins are needed for faster operation. It takes all the great features that should be on an e-commerce website hosting. It is no surprise that this is the top choice for online merchants around the world.

Before going ahead it is very important to know – What is Magento?

What is Magento?

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce website hosting platforms on the market, which is equipped with a combination of features, which make it easy to use and give it a superpower. If you sell the downloadable product, your own creations, or you sell clothes on your e-commerce site, then Magento will give you the features you need.

The Magento platform is built on open source technology, which gives eCommerce Store owners the much-needed flexibility for a shopping cart on their website. This open-source tech means that you have complete control over the content, functionality and overall appearance of your online store.

This is a premium version, Enterprise Edition. Of course, the premium version will have more features and better support for users, but the free version also hosts some great features for small online shops.

Why Magento is Important for eCommerce Website Hosting:

Magento community is big, active and really helpful.

Magento allows you to create an online store and become the owner of your dream business. Then the platform allows you to integrate powerful options to stay at the top of the competition with the best in the industry and provides all the tools needed to succeed in your online enterprise.

Magento App was the first e-commerce website hosting platform created with non-technical users in mind. When it was released for the first time in 2008, it fills an important need in the market for non-developers versatile, user-friendly e-commerce platforms.

Magento has a large number of quality themes and extensions that takes the ability to customize your site and integrate it further with other applications. Different types of Magento add-ons are so great that the entire website is designed to serve as a market for these tools.

Magento is extremely scalable, which is a primary contributor for its widespread success. Magento is known to set standards for e-commerce scalability, and they continue to cross those standards with each update.

However, if you are searching more deeply about Choosing Best Magento Hosting, keep reading continuously.

Comparison of Different Magento Hosting Packages:

One of the major differences between hosting providers is how they host. The 4 hosting types you are running Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting. Depending on the level of performance, control, and cost of each type, its benefits and losses will occur. Here is a quick overview of the difference between each type.

    • Shared Magento Hosting:

Shared Hosting means that your account is sharing resources with many other sites on the same server. If you are just starting, then shared hosting is usually a good place to start. It requires less maintenance and technical skills as a merchant. Shared hosting costs are low because you split the operating costs with other users on the same server.

    • VPS Magento Hosting:

With VPS, your hosting account is on the server with other hosting accounts, but you have more specifically dedicated resources for display. The resources are divided equally into accounts. However, if an account crashes the server, then you all go down.

    • Dedicated Magento Hosting:

Dedicated hosting means that you only have your server. You can completely adapt to the specific requirements of your website and there is no need to worry about other accounts on the server, which create issues that can affect you. When you pay more for a dedicated server, you will have more control.

    • Cloud Magento Hosting:

With cloud hosting, there is a network of servers on which your website can be located. Although you do not know which server your hosting account is on, you will receive dedicated resources across the network. The main advantage is that cloud hosting can be more flexible. In some cases, it can also auto-scale to handle large explosions of traffic from flash sales without the need to pay for additional sales.

When deciding between hosting types, it comes down to how big your eCommerce store is and the level of performance can justify paying for you. If your Magento store is slow and often crashes, then you are going to reduce sales and your SEO will be affected.

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How to Select Best Magento Hosting Providers:

With hosting you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, most people choose a hosting provider based on price, which is not really the best way to do this.

Cost is clearly an idea to look at when choosing a provider, but it is actually only one element of many. Below, when I select the hosting provider, we summarize those key features or things we are looking for.

Here are other top ways to compare different hosting providers: price, server space, speed, support, security, backup, PCI complaint and level of management. What to look for in each of those categories:

  • Pricing:

Costs vary depending on all the different services and hosting types offered. Consider what you are ready to do and what you cannot do. Then decide your budget and decide to buy hosting.

  • Speed:

You know it yourself, there is no need to tell me that speed and reliability are important when it comes to hosting providers. If a website is too slow for you to load, you can lose patience and click away. Your website visitors and customers are exactly the same.

Your hosting should match the number of visitors you are expecting. If your store revenue is in millions, then you will need a much larger server.

  • Support:

Support is going to be the main differentiator between hosting providers. If something goes wrong with the server, you need to be able to reach someone immediately.

At some point, you will need support. If you are having a large repository of millions in revenue then you will ideally need your own dedicated Magento resources which the hosting provider provides.

  • Security:

Your website requires regular security, to prevent the website from hacking. And is updated to ensure the bug and security pores are patched. Some hosting providers offer protection as part of their service, others expect you to take care of it.

  • Backups:

What is your backup strategy? There is so much digital capital tied into your website that it is important that you have at least some backup system in place of daily backups. If you are working on a large site, you will need to look at backup solutions where the site is backed up on every change or hourly basis.

  • Server Location:

If you are thinking about Magento hosting, you will need to pay special attention to your hosting provider’s location because the speed of your website depends on the location of your hosting. If your budget is weak then do some Googling around for your hosts, then you will suggest a bunch of common, cheap and nonsense shared hosting, which is not easily available. You need a close server location for Magento

  • PCI Compliant:

Merchants often do not adequately consider whether their Magento hosting provider offers PCI analog share servers. PCI compliance is not only a matter of safety but also a matter of law.

  • Managed Levels:

When reviewing providers, keep in mind what management services they provide and what they do not. If you can not take care of self-maintenance and management, then you want to make sure that you pay for the fully managed service. While this is a good list of factors to consider, there is definitely more information to see.

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4 Best Magento Hosting Providers:

I have discovered a lot about Best Magento Hosting UK and Magento Hosting India. Therefore I have selected Top 4 Best Magento Hosting Services.

  1. Siteground Magento [$3.95/Mo]
  2. Cloudways Magento [$20.00/Mo]
  3. Nexcess Magento [$19.95/Mo]
  4. Bluehost Magento [$6.95/Mo]

Now, One by one we have discussed Top 4 Magento Hosting Services in details.

1. SiteGround:

SiteGround magento web hosting has been in operation since 2004 and is one of the most popular web hosts on the market today. In the WordPress community, SiteGround is the most rated WebHost.

Best Magento Hosting, eCommerce Website Hosting

SiteGround has rolled out Magento’s focused server and is as good as you expect.

The company was founded in 2004, becoming the largest web hosting company by establishing data centers in three continents and offices in 6 locations in the world. The SiteGround web hosting company has over 350+ employees and currently hosts 500K+ domains.

SiteGround’s Supercacher keeps your website up to speed and this Cloudflare CDN tops your impressive hosting package by making your site visitor experience fast and satisfying

With SiteGround, you get shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting plans. If you have a small Magento eCommerce website, then the shared hosting plan will be good for you. When your site grows, you can easily upgrade from one hosting plan to another. This means that as your site grows, it allows for expansion.

Some top features of this host include one-click staged, automatic upgrades and GIT version control among others. The company hosts websites globally. They have data centers in Asia, America, and Europe.

They provide in-house speed and security, making your e-commerce site fast and secure. The host is popular for its 24/7 support. SiteGround’s customer support is great in all their plans.

Most SiteGround hosting packages come with the ability to host unlimited websites, free email accounts, and a free drag and drop builder so that you can optimize your sites to the maximum with minimal technical experience.

In typical cases, sites hosted on SiteGround open pages in about 600ms, which is faster than most hosting services today. Even when a site has high traffic with more than 100 users accessing the site at the same time, it still maintains a high speed.

Magento hosting packages are easily used keeping in mind the security, security, and support.

Features of SiteGround:

  • Very good Uptime.
  • It has very fast servers.
  • It has three different server locations.
  • Provides free CDN and SSL certificate.
  • Excellence 24/7 customer support via email, live chat, or phone.

2. Cloudways:

Cloudways has one of the easiest, most manageable interfaces.

Best Magento Hosting, eCommerce Website Hosting

This is a managed cloud hosting solution which means you have to choose between top-rated infrastructure providers like DigitalOcean and others but beyond that, you can choose more than 30 unique locations around the world to host your store Get closer to your target audience.

Cloudways offers relatively mid-range pricing options, but you’ll see that they cover you with a host of auto-scaling Magento, meaning that your store doesn’t suffer from unexpected traffic.

See the most pricing and see the Cloudways website for more about their Magento-specific hosting options. [Click Here]

They constantly update your system, patch your firmware at the appropriate time, and constantly monitor your site for threats to give you a little peace of mind.

Features of Cloudways:

  • Hourly Managed Backups.
  • Unlimited Magento Installs.
  • One-click Installation feature.
  • 24×7 Smart Support & Monitoring.
  • Provides one Free Managed Migration.
  • Free Multi-SSL Deployment on the Same Server.
  • Provides Dedicated Servers With Firewall Protection.
  • It’s Provides Magento Auto Updates and Auto-Scalable Option.

3. Nexcess:

When it comes to mid-sized businesses, Nexcess is a favorite among users. Nexcess is a hosting company with a global headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, but has offices and data centers worldwide.

Best Magento Hosting, eCommerce Website Hosting

Nexcess-managed hosting gives you everything you need to do to secure, customize or increase customers’ needs.

Nexcess is known for high-performance servers and unique technical support in the hosting industry. Their support team believes there is no such thing as a dumb question and is available 24/7, with phone, email and live chat support options.

They provide reasonable prices, but their dedication to their customers is even more impressive. Nexcess apparently offers you a service that will bring you to a strong e-commerce hosting environment for your Magento store.

The Nexcess platform also is PCI compliant which means that your site will be protected to a great extent from vulnerabilities and threats that meet the requirements of the PCI Security Standards Council hosting provider.

They offer a low-cost option, Nexcess specializes in premier solutions for CDND that seek to maximize uptime, performance, and security with features such as CDN and dedicated servers.

If you want to start making recommendations for a Magento hosting provider then Nexcess will come up short and for good reason. Although not one of the most economical options available in the cloud host, there is still a reason at the top of the list.

To learn more about their hosting plans and the most current pricing visit the Nexcess website or download their Magento White Paper. Click the button below to go to the Nexcess website. Learn more about Nexcess.

Key Features of Nexcess:

  • 24/7 Good Support.
  • Provides E-mail Hosting also.
  • Gives also 1-Click Install feature.
  • Provides 75 GB/month Bandwidth.
  • Web Firewalls and Free Migrations.
  • Fully Managed Servers with monitoring.
  • Dedicated IPs andIntel Xeon Processors.

4. Bluehost:

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosts company, which was established in 1996 and since then it has been serving the logo. It is one of the best hosting for Magento given their fast loading speed.

Best Magento Hosting, eCommerce Website Hosting

Over time, the company has become a household name for its great features, excellent support, and its high-speed servers. Today, Bluehost hosts over 2 million sites globally.

They have a multitude of hosting plans to cover the needs of small businesses and large businesses alike. Whether you have a small or a large Magento e-commerce, Bluehost has you covered.

Bluehost provides one-click installation, which is required for hosting Magento. With any plan, you are offered an easy to use Cpanel from where you can manage to host and create a database.

With high traffic, Bluehost will allow your Magento e-commerce site to load in less than 2 seconds. This speed remains even after the traffic has doubled or quadrupled. While the speed of the site will be determined by the content.

They provide shared hosting, which is ideal for small businesses with low traffic. This plan is good for hosting small Magento sites. Shared hosting has three basic plans to meet the needs of different webmasters. These include Basic, Plus, and Prime.

The server response time for Bluehost remains high at all times. In the US, the server response time is 34ms, but in other regions, the response time given is still less than a second.

On the Bluehost website, there is a wide collection of tutorials in the form of written guides and videos to assist you. They also provide live chat and phone-based support.

Key features of BlueHost:

  • You get one free domain.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • 99.97% uptime guarantee.
  • 24/7 Excellence customer support.
  • Bluehost has well priced hosting plans.

Pros and Cons of Magento Hosting:

Make sure that you consider the points given below as side-by-side, to ensure that Magento is the right platform for you.


  • Magento is a fully open-source e-commerce platform.
  • With script installers, You can easily install Magento on most hosting plans.
  • Magento does not require any special software on the server to achieve a basic site.


  • Magento depending on your server’s performance. It can slow down your site on the internet.
  • Magento has the most learning requirement because it is a complex collection of e-commerce software.
  • There have been some important security violations in the past, so you’ll have to update Magento as soon as you get the updates to avoid the disaster.

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My Best Magento Hosting:

Of the listed hosts, BlueHost is our favorite. They are a hybrid of a managed hosting service and a dedicated VPS server. BlueHost is a hosting provider that we use ourselves and also recommend to our customers.

For more information about Bluehost Hosting or to purchase Bluehost Hosting, click the button below.

Last Word of HostingBurner:

After ascertaining the needs and requirements of your website, you need to evaluate various Magento hosting providers on the above-mentioned aspects.

Magento is one of the most popular shopping carts today. You need to compare the best hosting above for Magento and see if it will meet your needs and your budget.

If you have already purchased the hosting purchase above and you think your store is running slow or the support of your hosting provider is not satisfactory, then it is probably time to switch.


The best Magento hosting provider is definitely not a myth. Still, have a question? Leave a comment below if you think we have missed any of the best Magento hosts that deserve to be on the list above.

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More Web Hosting Choices:

Best Magento Hosting: FAQ’s

  • Is Magento free or open-source?

There are two versions of Magento, a community version and an Enterprise edition. The Community Edition is free and open-source. The Enterprise Edition is proprietary and subject to annual licensing fees.

  • Can Magento run on shared hosting?

Magento hosting is another strong public website for open source technology. Magneto is a corporation that wanted to put control back into the hands of retailers who needed it. If your website has very little traffic then Magento can also run on shared hosting.

  • How can Magento’s web hosting improve e-commerce store speed?

There are different types of hosting that can be used for Magneto. It depends on the size of your site and the number of concurrent visitors that you have. Magento is very heavy as an e-commerce platform.

Choosing a good hosting provider that can help you in this will definitely help you to scale your Magento Store.

  • Which Magneto Web Host Plan Should I Choose?

You can run Magento shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated servers. The right hosting plan for your needs will largely depend on the size of your site. How big is your Magento Store?

The larger your Store, the more resources will be required. If there is significant revenue on your site, then shared hosting is likely to be very slow.

If your website is very slow, then you can always upgrade to the more expensive dedicated server options. This should usually be upgraded to at least one VPS.

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